enterprise history
LZMI LLC traces its history back to the workshop located as part of Lysva Metal Plant, a manufacturing enterprise founded in 1785 by the Princes Shakhovsky.
The foundation of a workshop for the production of galvanized and tinned dishes at Lysva Metal Plant

The production of the workshop is reoriented to military needs:
the production of 48-linear (122 mm) high-explosive steel bombs and fuses for them, six-inch (152 mm) shells for shrapnel, boxes for capping hand grenades, soldier's pots and flasks

The production of the workshop is reoriented to military needs:
mass production of ammunition, artillery shells for anti-aircraft and aviation guns, incendiary bombs, armored half-shirts to protect assault aircraft, shells for katyusha, soldiers' pots and flasks

Production of galvanized cookware, metal containers, flasks, troughs, kerosene wind-resistant lanterns, army and household thermos flasks, valves for cold cylinders, threaded sleeves for threaded cartridges, connecting rod bolts and nuts, edging for tear-off calendars, filters for air purification, metal cans for paints and consumer goods
The division of the workshop into a separate enterprise — LZMI LLC. Production of galvanized flasks, tubs, galvanized snow shovels, kerosene wind-resistant lanterns, metal thermos flasks, tourist pots, racks
Purchased a production line for the manufacture of polymer products — production of plastic accessories for cookware
Purchased a production line for the production of corrosion-resistant steel products — production of stainless cookware
the enterprise produces several lines of cookware made of corrosion-resistant steel, thermos flasks, metal army and household, tourist pots with a lid, aluminum flasks, stainless steel accessories for dishes, galvanized troughs, basins, snow shovels
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