The management company "Lysvenskiye Zavody" has changed its name. From now on, the industrial group of nine companies is called "Linrog".

In Russian history, inrog is an outdated name not only for a unicorn, but also for a type of artillery piece. And why the letter "L" is placed before the old name of the mythical beast, it seems, there is no need to explain.

A large production site, founded in 1785 as the "Lysvensky Blast Furnace and Molotov of His Excellency Prince Boris Grigoryevich Shakhovsky, his wife Princess Varvara Alexandrovna Plant", has been repeatedly reorganized and renamed. In 1964 it was named "Lysvensky Metallurgical Plant", in 1992 it was transformed into a joint-stock company, and in 2016 it was transformed into a group of independent enterprises headed by LLC "Management Company
"Lysvenskiye Zavody" under the leadership of Andrey Tunev.

Today, the group includes well-known factories of enameled tableware (JSC "LZEP"), household appliances (LLC "LZBT"), metal products (LLC "LPMI"), "Lysvensky Tool and Mechanical Plant",
"Lysvensky silicate frit Plant", as well as foundry production, LLC "Firm "Wax", sanatorium-dispensary "Zorka" and Nizhny Novgorod printing house LLC "Carousel".

There are several official reasons explaining the drastic name change. For example, the expansion of the geography of the industrial group's activities affected in the form of a departure from the territorial indication of the location of the "parent" productions. And at the same time, this is the avoidance of consonance with other urban enterprises that have nothing to do with "Linrog".

It is worth noting that along with the name, the group's logo has also been updated. The totem beast, of course, has not disappeared anywhere. But from now on, the mane on his stylized profile slightly resembles the famous Lysva helmet.

The new image will appear on the official products of the industrial group enterprises.

Source: Lysva newspaper "Iskra" from 30.04.2022