*product with one long handle

A stewpan made of high-quality safe corrosion-resistant steel with a three-layer capsule bottom. Suitable for gas and electric stoves, suitable for washing in the dishwasher. It is not intended for use in a microwave oven and oven.

Declaration of Conformity Stainless Cookware

Brand: Ours will not rust!

high quality AiSi 304 stainless steel

Package contents:
heat-resistant glass lid, wide stainless steel handles

the product is equipped with an instruction manual and packed in shrink wrap

Properties of dishes:
  • does not change the taste of products
  • does not form compounds with food
  • safe and reliable in operation
  • long service life
  • complies with sanitary and hygienic standards
  • suitable for cooking from any kind of products
  • it has a three-layer bottom that allows you to cook food on more economical modes of operation of the stove

Operating Tips:
Do not leave empty dishes on a working burner. Use the product on a burner of a suitable diameter, not exceeding the size of the base of the dishes. To move the dishes and the lid, we recommend using special potholders. Never cut food directly on the surface of dishes and do not use metal kitchen appliances during cooking. Add salt only to boiling water, stirring constantly, as stains may appear on the bottom of the product from direct contact with salt. Use the product only for its intended purpose. Due to improper use of dishes, its color may change.

Care Tips:
Before the first use, wash the dishes in warm water with a soft sponge with liquid detergent. If small stains appear during the operation of the product, use baking soda or any dish cleaner without abrasive inclusions to quickly remove them. In the process of cooking, we recommend using wooden or plastic spatulas to avoid mechanical damage to the surface of the dishes. Do not allow the dishes to be heated without water or other products. To restore the quality of the mirror surface of the dishes, hold a soda solution in it before washing. To polish the surface of the dishes, use a soft material and special polishing pastes. Do not expose the lid to sudden temperature changes.

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