The handle-loop consists of two elements interconnected by the method of contact electric welding. Thanks to this method, a thermal gap is created that does not allow the product to heat up.
The handle-loop is polished by tumbling and electrolyte-plasma polishing already assembled, which eliminates the possibility of corrosion during operation and contact with food.

The metal thickness of the base plate is 0.5 mm, the bend is made with increased rolling accuracy.

The rod diameter is 6 mm, the bend is made with increased rolling accuracy.


corrosion-resistant steel grade AiSi 201

Package contents:
handle, washer made of corrosion-resistant steel, screw, nut, gasket

depends on the required volume of delivery

Operating tips:
Use the product only for its intended purpose.

Care Tips:
Before the first use, wash the product in warm water with a soft sponge with liquid detergent. If small stains appear during the operation of the product, use baking soda or any dish cleaner without abrasive inclusions to quickly remove them. To polish the surface of the product, use a soft material and special polishing pastes.
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