The metal thermos is designed for short-term storage (no more than 12 hours), carrying and transporting food. It will provide a comfortable stay with hot meals, since the design of the thermos allows you to keep food warm for a long time, while not affecting its taste qualities in any way.

Specifications: 1482-071-00186335-2008
Certificate of conformity Army Thermos flasks
Certificate of conformity Household thermos flasks


The body and body parts are carbon steel, coated with weather—resistant paint and varnish material, the tank, the bottom of the lid is stainless steel 

operating manual


Operating Tips:
Before starting and systematically during operation, to ensure tight fit of the thermos lid, adjust the tightening of the nuts. Periodically check the integrity of the rubber gaskets during operation, in case of damage or loss of elasticity, they must be replaced. Carry thermos flasks with a capacity of 25 and 36 liters by two side handles. To avoid splashes of hot contents, do not fill the thermos with more than the nominal volume. Do not use a thermos with damaged straps. Do not throw the thermos. Do not heat food in a thermos. 

Care Tips:
Before starting operation and after each use, rinse the thermos tank thoroughly with a warm detergent solution, rinse with cold water and dry. Do not allow moisture to enter the inter-wall space of the thermos. Protect the thermos from mechanical damage, in order to avoid increased heat transfer. Do not use acids, solvents, kerosene, sand, metal brushes to wash the thermos. Store the thermos in a closed room.
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